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Monday, June 26, 2006

Speed Painting

Just a speed painting I did in about 1hr

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Alright alright....

Sigh.. after constant questioning of my incomplete outdated blog, Ive finally decided to come back to it once again. (*stares at Alan Cook...) Well im glad to be back. Many have asked me to start updating again, and im more than glad to. Its just been a stressful year, mostly personal matters. But the worst of it has calmed down. But here I am! And ill be looking forward to posting more often. Im currently working on a story that only some know about. It will be revealed soon enough ^__^

Blind Samurai

One of my sketches I colored of a blind samurai I drew awhile back.

Shakedown concepts part 2

Some more concepts on "The Shakedown"

The Shakedown

My first Story board assignment called "The Shakedown" for 2nd year. A story based on munipulation and revenge. I was limited to using anthropomorphic characters and one human character for this assignement. It didnt turn out the way I expected, But maybe I'll go back and refine this one some more.

Stagecoach Character Concepts.

This was an interesting assignemnt. Im not used to drawing this type of style, But it was fun to do. A couple of friends and I got together and shared our research and designs, and then compiled all our stuff together, and chose one style to draw in. So it was challenging and lots of fun.

Concept Painting Stagecoach layout

The was a exterior digital painting I did for a western themed assignment. It was fun at first until my entire year got smoked with assignments. Unfortunely I lost one of my sequential paintings. for this assignment. (dont ask me how...*rolls eyes) But if i find it around, ill post it up as well.


Ive taken another approach to digital painting with the use of no lines. This was my first painting in Photoshop with absolutely no lines. It was a painfully fun learning experience.

Shakedown Exterior

An Exterior painting for an animation storyboard assignment, for one of my story ideas called " The Shakedown"

Dark Elf Lineage 2

I did this one for a contest at around christmas time, but the event was cancelled due to new management. But nonetheless, Lineage 2 is one of my favourite games.

Elven sword singer

An Elven Sword singer from the game of Lineage 2. www.lineage2.com Painting without lines is hard!!! T_T